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Odd Graphic Company

About Odd


Odd Graphic Company, is a full-service design and marketing company serving businesses worldwide. Founded in 1992 with expertise encompassing corporate identity, branding, firm positioning and product placement, with application in print, interactive media and website development, the agency has enjoyed award-winning results for notable clients such as Comcast, Philadelphia 76ers, Turner Construction Corp., Schnabel Engineering, and RMJM Hillier



strategic branding
integrated advertising
digital marketing 
roi reporting
blog/content writing
website development
print collateral


Odd Vision

Founded by Shannon Creamer-Franke, Odd fulfills its vision of a work environment made up of creative, like-minded professionals that are fueled with a fervor to produce high-end communications that move their client’s businesses forward. 


Odd Mission

Odd partners with historically successful firms that have a need to skew, refine, and/or grow their businesses. Its Odd Fellows, thru targeted, highly visible, branded touch points, create effective graphic campaigns that bridge the gap between offline and online communications.


What Odd Does.


Odd Graphic Company’s expertise lies in creating and developing corporate identity systems for companies that have a need to skew, refine, and/or grow their brand and expand their marketing efforts. By partnering with our Clients we help bridge print collateral, websites, and social media outlets to create impactful brands, identify strategic touch points, and integrate present-day delivery systems — We call this Bridge-Branding.


Budget Friendly | Non-binding


Fee based on Tasks to be completed within 30-day Cycles.
We offer Odd Services on monthly, task-driven cycles; that are cost-friendly and continue only
if results are apparent. Our goal is to bridge-the-gap between our clients and their customers.



Sound Good. Let’s Talk!


Contact Info

COMPANY: Odd Graphic Company

CONTACT:  Shannon Creamer-Franke, Agency Creative Director
EMAIL:  [email protected]
PHONE:  215-646-0106


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