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Be the Change!

This Week at St. James Article


Change can be difficult, or it can also be very exciting.  Not everyone appreciates thinking about a change.  It can require a great deal of work, but some changes occur quietly and insidiously.  Aging is a constant change from the moment of conception and while it may be slowed, it cannot be stopped.

Osteoporosis and osteopenia are changes in the bones that occur with aging, genetics, chemotherapy, or some other medicinal cause. Until the creation of the bioDensity equipment, the only consideration to pause, stop, or change osteoporosis was the use of some type of medication.

Bisphosphonates are used in the treatment of osteoporosis, and Paget’s Disease of bone, and may be used to lower high calcium levels in people with cancer. When used to treat osteoporosis, the optimal duration of treatment is not yet known; however, most benefits appear to happen within the first five years of treatment and long-term use has been associated with atypical femur fractures, osteonecrosis of the jaw and esophageal cancer.

Tymlos, Forteo, and Evinity are medications that can thicken the bone, but the side effects are such that they cannot be taken longer than two years in a lifetime and when the bone has been improved, the person must then switch to Bisphosphonates to prevent the loss of the bone.

BioDensity equipment was invented by Dr. John Jaquish and Paul Jaquish.  John wanted something to help his mother reverse her osteoporosis without the use of medication.  She was able to completely reverse her osteoporosis in 1 year with the use of the equipment.  Her initial T-Score was -2.5 and her final score was a positive .02.

The bioDensity equipment is used to measure forces exerted to stimulate Wolff’s Law.  Wolff’s Law states that bones will adapt to the degree of mechanical loading, such that an increase in loading will cause the architecture of the internal, spongy bone to strengthen, followed by the strengthening of the cortical layer.  The research has shown that exerting forces of 4.2 times your body weight is what is required to maximize Wolff’s Law relating to bone density.

My T score on 3/8/22 was -3.0, indicating severe osteoporosis.  I have used the bioDensity equipment since August of this year. My recent Dexascan of 10/22/23 showed my T score to have been reduced to -2.4 which currently places me in the osteopenia category.  Change! The work is no more than what I have become accustomed to, but brief consisting of 10 min. weekly using the bioDensity equipment combined with the use of a vibration plate of 9 minutes.  I also use the X3 System to improve strength to help develop and build muscle which may help to maximize performance on the bioDensity machine.

Here is the thing about change.  It is constant.  Our bodies are breaking down and building up.  To make a change, consider even 1 degree as it is important to keep the focus on what we want to attain and make plans daily to work toward the goals to make the changes.  We must essentially, become the change we want to see.  It can be a slow process, but it must be steady, always pushing forward to our end goal.

A 1-degree change if you are a pilot can set you on a trajectory to a mile off course which could prevent your plane from running into a mountain or a tower.  If you are willing to make even a small change, your results can still place you closer to your goal of improving your bone density.  The results will be directly proportional to the amount of change/effort you put into it.

My desire is not only to improve my strength and balance to avoid falls but also to reverse my bone disease to avoid fractures should a fall occur.  Are you ready for a change?  Be the change!

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